Licences administered by other organisations


You do not need to obtain a licence or permit to busk in Wandsworth. However, please be aware of your surroundings and do not obstruct the highway or cause a noise nuisance. You may also not use street furniture such as public seats, lampposts, planting and railings. The selling of any merchandise such as tapes, CDs and t-shirts is not permitted and would be an offence for which you could be prosecuted.

Charity street collections

A permit is required by anyone collecting money or selling articles for charitable purposes in a public place and it is an offence to hold a collection without one. This would include house-to-house collections. Permits are issued in London by the Commissioner of Police.

Consumer credit licenses

If your business offers credit or lends money to consumers, or allows customers time to pay for goods and services, it must be licensed with the Office of Fair Trading under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Door supervision and security licences

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for licensing all individuals and companies working in the security industry, including door supervisors and security guards.

Fire regulation and certificates

Under the Fire Safety Reform Order every commercial premises must be subject to a comprehensive fire safety risk assessment. This has eliminated the need for most premises to hold fire certification. The London Fire Brigade is responsible for enforcing fire safety laws.

Nursing agencies licences and care homes

The proprietors of all adult care social care services - including nursing agencies, care homes and domiciliary care agencies - must register with Care Quality Commission.

Petroleum licensing

The London Fire Brigade is the licensing authority for the storage of petroleum in London. You need a licence if you are storing petroleum for commercial or retail purposes.

Performing rights licences

Businesses playing music may need to obtain licences from the Performing Rights Society (who license organisations to play, perform or make available copyright music) and Phonographic Performance Limited (who licence the playing recorded music and/or music videos in public).

Sunday Trading

There is no longer any requirement for shops wishing to trade on Sundays to register with their local authority. However, the number of hours that large shops (i.e. shops with a floor space of more than 280 square metres/3,000 square feet) may trade for on Sundays remains restricted.

Taxi and private hire licences

A hackney carriage is more commonly called a taxi, or black cab. A licence is required for both the taxi and for any person driving a taxi. Licenses are provided by Transport for London.

Private hire vehicles (mini cabs) also have to be licensed. Private hire vehicles are vehicles that cannot be hailed from the street, and journeys must be pre-booked. Vehicles must be tested and inspected before a licence can be issued to ensure that they are mechanically fit, safe and comfortable.

Minicab operators must hold a licence from the Public Carriage Office (PCO) to run a service (to accept or invite bookings for private hire vehicles).
A licence is required before any person can drive a private hire vehicle.  Licences are issued subject to proof of eligibility (age, driving licence, criminal records check, medical assessment etc.).