Street trading fees and charges

The following street trading licence charges are valid until 31 March 2021.

You should not pay the fee until you have been offered a pitch.

Licence or licence variation charge

For permanent and temporary licences other than a daily street trading licence:

  • £65 per annum 

Street trading pitch charges

Daily charges

  • Monday to Thursday - £24.85
  • Friday to Saturday - £32.10
  • Sunday - £42.45

Additional hourly charges

  • Monday to Thursday - £3.05
  • Friday to Saturday - £3.95
  • Sunday - £5.45

Monthly charges

The basic charge per month is £353.

This charge will be adjusted up or down by various factors with the monthly charge rounded to the nearest whole pound. The factors used to assess the charges are: 

  • Advantageous location
  • Days of operation
  • Hours of operation
  • Production of litter and refuse
  • Size of pitch

The details of the percentage changes for each of these factors is laid out in the tables below.

The percentage of the basic charge shall not be decreased below 20% by the application of the above factors for any licence.

Advantageous location
Pitch location Percentage increase/decrease
Scattered site (excluding news vendors) close to a railway station +25% 
Scattered site (news vendors) close to a railway station +15%
Scattered site elsewhere within the Town Centres +15% 
Other scattered sites 0%
Northcote Road Market +5% 
Battersea High Street Market -5%
Hildreth Street Market 0% 
Days of operation
Days of operation Percentage increase/decrease
Monday to Friday  0% 
Each day closed, Monday to Thursday -14%
Closed Friday -20% 
Open Saturday  +30%
Open Sunday +25% 
Hours of operation
Hours of operation Percentage increase/decrease
7am to 6pm 0% 
6pm to 10pm +5%
10pm to 7am +15%
Litter and refuse
Articles sold Percentage increase/decrease
Fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and bread and pastries  +10% 
Refreshments and ice-cream  +10%
Other stalls  0%
News vendors  -30%
Size of pitch
Size of pitch Percentage increase/decrease
Under 5 metres squared -20% 
5 to 8.99 metres squared -10%
9 to 10.99 metres squared 0%
11 to 17.99 metres squared +15%
18 to 22 metres squared  +30%
Over 22 metres squared +50%