CCTV and Retail Radio

CCTV operates across the borough to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour such as fly-tipping, graffiti and other criminal damage. 

We operate a network of cameras covering all town centres and the housing estates. The system is operational 24 hours a day with links to Wandsworth Borough Police, St George's Hospital, local train stations and the TfL road network.

We provide a Retail Radio system to shops and businesses which enables them to speak to each other as well as directly to the CCTV control room to report incidents. 

All cameras are operated in accordance with the Data Commission's data principles and our CCTV Code of Practice. View the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's code of practice.

Request release of evidence

You can access CCTV footage if you are the subject of the footage. To do so:

  • Complete the CCTV subject access request form
  • Provide two forms of identification, one of which should be photographic
  • Post the form and evidence to the address supplied on the form

You must supply sufficient and accurate information about the time, date and place so we can locate the information.

You will not be entitled to receive data that is being held:

  • For the prevention or detection of crime.
  • For the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.
  • If giving you the information would be likely to prejudice any of these purposes. 

Road Traffic Collisions (RTC)

The subject access request form should not be used for Road Traffic Collisions (RTC). Requests for information regarding RTC must be arranged through your insurance company or Solicitors.

Insurance companies and solicitors

If you are requesting CCTV for a client, you should complete the CCTV subject access request form.

We will contact you to inform you if there are CCTV cameras at the location of the RTC. To carry out a search and subsequent release of evidence the following charges will apply:

  • CCTV search - £25: We will search for the incident and report what has been found.
  • CCTV release of footage - £75: We will copy footage onto disc and send the evidence out to you as the insurance company or Solicitor representing your client.

Payments must be made by way of a cheque, payable to 'Wandsworth Council'.

See also

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