Wandsworth Business Against Crime

Wandsworth Business Against Crime (WBAC) allows businesses to work in partnership with the police and local authority to help reduce crime and disorder in the borough. The scheme is free to join.

How WBAC works

Operators and managers of licensed or retail premises have always had the ability to refuse entry to problematic persons, however information on individuals who have been barred are not necessarily shared with other businesses or the police.

Intranet database

WBAC bridges that gap by providing member organisations with a password protected intranet database that allows members to securely view and upload photos and details of individuals who have been caught or suspected of engaging in criminal activity and disorderly behaviour across the borough.

The online database provides members with the ability to submit incident reports or intelligence to the police and provides members with access to a weekly newsletter featuring updates on active offenders and crime prevention advice.

Alert system

Membership also provides access to the WBAC alert system where important and time sensitive information is sent directly to members' email inbox. We and Wandsworth Police, who are supporting the programme, update the information on a weekly basis, and members can access it for free.

Persistent offenders

Offenders may regard being arrested, fined, cautioned, or even brought before the courts as an occupational hazard, but an increasing number are expressing their unhappiness at additionally being banned from pubs, bars, clubs, and/or shops across the borough. 

WBAC members will have the ability to work collectively to ban persistent offenders from all member premises for a period of time, depending on the severity of the offence(s). Problematic offenders will receive a WBAC banning letter, outlining a list of member premises from which they are banned. 

The letter can be provided to the offender by the business or served to the offender by the police during arrest.

View WBAC leaflet for more information.


WBAC is free to join. The scheme is funded by the council who pay for the license fee for members to get access to the website and mobile phone link.

By becoming a member, you will be able to reduce crime and disorder in your premises and increase profitability by protecting your business assets. 

How to join

To join the scheme complete the WBAC application form. We will then send you a link to register as a member.


For more information on the WBAC scheme, including information on how to become a member, contact Community Safety at communitysafety@wandsworth.gov.uk.