Excluded or permit-free developments

Significant re-development of commercial, industrial and riverside areas into mainly residential properties has taken place. As a result, we introduced a policy, which stipulates when granting planning permission, that larger developments should be excluded from any existing or future Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). This policy was introduced in June 2001.

The policy is in response to concerns raised by local residents, usually during the planning permission application notice period, about the likely impact that larger developments would have on the available on-street parking space in their area.

Which developments are excluded

As a result of the policy, any development of more than 10 residential units (and in certain circumstances fewer than 10 units) will automatically be excluded from any existing or future CPZ, meaning that all occupiers would be ineligible to purchase resident, resident visitor or business parking permits to park on-street.

Once a development has been approved with an excluded or permit-free condition, this cannot be changed.

It is the developer and/or your landlord's responsibility to ensure that you are aware of this condition when you buy or rent a property.

We have added information to the Local Land Charges record for all excluded or permit-free developments, which would be identified in a full local authority land charge search.

Find excluded or permit-free addresses

If you are unsure whether an address within a Controlled Parking Zone is excluded or permit-free, please use the parking controls search and type in the street name. Any excluded or permit-free addresses will be identified.