Dogs and antisocial behaviour

The majority of dog owners are responsible, but there are some dog owners who are irresponsible and use their dogs as weapons, or as tools to intimidate others. Sometimes though, it is owner ignorance that causes antisocial behaviour.

Behaviour which could be considered antisocial with a dog includes:

  • Allowing a dog in place where it is not permitted to be,
  • Allowing a dog to approach someone whether on a leash or not
  • Allowing or commanding a dog to bark and/or growl at a person
  • Allowing or commanding a dog to act aggressively whilst in a public place
  • Allowing or commanding a dog to attack or bite someone
  • Urging or baiting a dog to attack another dog or damage communal property
  • Allowing¬†a dog to block the right of way of others
  • Allowing a dog to constantly bark, or to leave the dog in a property for long periods causing it to bark, howl or whimper
  • Allowing a dog to defecate and/or urinate within a building or dwelling
  • Breeding or boarding dogs without a licence or permission of the landlord/owner of the property

If you feel that you are the victim of antisocial behaviour involving a dog then you should contact the Dog Control Service, in confidence.