Radioactive substances

The keeping and use of radioactive materials and the accumulation and disposal of radioactive wastes is controlled through the Radioactive Substances Act 1993; which is enforced by the Environment Agency.

Applying for registration

If you keep or use radioactive materials, including mobile apparatus, you must apply for registration under the Radioactive Substances Act. In granting a certificate of registration, the Environment Agency may impose  conditions; these may include alterations to the premises, requirements as to apparatus or equipment used or to be used, restrictions on selling or supplying radioactive materials from the premises.

Public register of applications

Copies of all applications, authorisations and registrations under the Radioactive Substances Act, and other relevant documentation, including details of enforcement or prohibition notices, and records of any convictions are held in a public register made available by the Environment Agency.

In addition a public register containing this information is maintained by the council, and updated with information from the Environment Agency. You can view the register or take details of the entries free of charge at the Customer Centre on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. You can also request photocopies, for which a charge will be made.