NRS Healthcare cyber attack

Our community equipment provider NRS Healthcare recently suffered a cyber security attack.

NRS provide equipment such as hospital beds, hoists and grab rails that support independent living and are used by councils and the NHS across the country.

What we are doing

We are working with NRS to urgently establish what data, if any, has been compromised. The data held by NRS includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and details of equipment issued. 

If you think you may have been affected

As a precaution at this time, if you think you or someone you support may be affected please be extra vigilant with any phone calls, emails or visits from people they do not know. NRS and/or council staff will always be happy to provide identification when asked.

Further information

If you received equipment from NRS and have any questions or concerns you can email

Anyone who is concerned or would like further information, either for themselves or for a family member or friend, can contact us by calling us in adult social care on  020 8831 6446 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or by emailing