Qualifying and priority criteria for transfer

A tenancy transfer is when we allow you to move to another council property or housing association property.

To qualify for a transfer you must:

  • Be a current council tenant aged 18 years old or over (55 or over for sheltered housing applicants)
  • Not have refused any offer or nomination of suitable accommodation within the last two years
  • Have a housing need (e.g. are overcrowded or the accommodation is not suitable for medical reasons)
  • Not have been previously involved in using false information to obtain public funds (housing or benefits)
  • Not have made yourself intentionally homeless from your last home
  • Have a good history of being able to manage a tenancy and pay your rent 

For the full details on qualifying criteria for social housing see our guidance on the housing allocation scheme.


We will assess what priority your housing circumstances are by awarding your application points which is set out in the housing allocation scheme. You will receive higher priority for re-housing if:

  • Your home is too big for your household, for example because your children have left home
  • You are under-occupying your home, and since the introduction of the bedroom tax you can no longer afford the rent
  • Your family has grown and your home is now overcrowded
  • Your current home isn't suited to your needs because you are ill or have a disability

Position in the waiting list

The number of points you receive will determine your priority band for re-housing, with band A being the highest and band D being the lowest.

  • Band A - 300 points or more
  • Band B - 150 to 299 points
  • Band C - 50 to 149 points
  • Band D - 1 to 49 points

Your position in your priority band is based on the date your application was registered. How soon you will get an alternative home will depend on whether:

  • You are awarded a high number of points
  • There is available accommodation of the right size, larger homes are in very short supply
  • You want a smaller home, you may be able to get a tenancy transfer sooner
  • You need a home that has been adapted for support needs, in this situation you may have to wait longer
  • You are over the age of 55 and want to apply for sheltered housing

See our guidance on waiting times for further information.