Responsibility for council housing repairs and maintenance

You are responsible for keeping your home clean and in a good state of repair and decoration. You are responsible for loss of keys and entry call fobs.

For more information about who is responsible for repairs in your property please see your tenancy conditions.

If you are a leaseholder you are responsible for all internal repairs to your property.

Access to your home

Council employees, agents or contractors may need to enter your home at reasonable times to inspect it or carry out repairs or other work and we will expect you to agree to this.

You should always ask to see an identity card before letting anyone into your home to carry out their duties.

We will tell you when we intend to call. Our usual practice is to give at least 24 hours written notice that we need access to your property, although in an emergency this may not always be possible. In the case of an emergency we may have to enter your home without giving notice.

If we have given notice but you fail to let us in, we may force entry if we believe there is a risk of injury or damage to the property or other properties, for example where we need access to service or carry out other works to any gas installations in the premises. We may charge you for any reasonable costs we incur. 

Contact us about issues on an estate

You can contact us to report issues on your estate such as street cleaning, fly-tipping, gardening and out-of-hour emergencies.