The shared ownership allocation process

When a development is ready to be marketed, the housing provider will request a nomination list from the council.

The council compiles the nomination list from people who have signed up to the home ownership register. The nomination list is based on the minimum income and amount of savings you need to be able to afford to purchase the percentage of property they are selling.

Marketing details will be sent to everyone who matches the set criteria on the nomination list according to our local allocations policy.

Financial assessments

There are various income thresholds for each property. To make sure you can meet financial commitments, the housing provider will carry out an independent financial assessment before offering you a property.

There are costs involved in the process, see our costs and fees page for more information.

Viewing the property

When you view a property make sure you quote your home ownership registration number.

If you decide to place on an offer on a property, you must let the housing provider know your preference on the day of the viewing. They will then approach us with a list of interested nominees so that they can offer the property according to our local allocations policy.

Reserve a property

There is usually a £500 reservation fee if you wish to reserve a property. You will also need to employ a solicitor, and lender or financial advisor.

How long it takes to get a house

The process of purchasing a new-build property depends on various factors. These may include the time taken to arrange a mortgage, or the speed at which the solicitors involved can proceed to completion.

We estimate it takes around two to three months from start to finish. However, if the purchasing is off-plan where units are marketed whilst still in construction, then the process will be expected to take longer.