HMO register

If all you need is the number, address and start date and end date of the HMO, this is provided online:

HMO register temporarily unavailable

The HMO register is currently under review and is therefore temporarily unavailable. Please do not make any online payments during this time.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Requests to view the HMO register

If you also require the licence holder’s names and addresses, this can only be disclosed as part of the full HMO register. The HMO owner’s names and addresses are personal data and therefore are not disclosed. The licence holders’ names and addresses are included as those are required to be included by the regulations.

The HMO register is produced from the database of licensed HMOs held by us. A report can be produced from the database and either posted to you as a paper copy or sent to you as a PDF version by email.


We are authorised by the Housing Act 2004 (section 232) to recover our costs of producing and sending a copy of the HMO Register, and this cost is £50. 

If you require a copy of the register

The Council will only provide copies of the register in paper or PDF format, not Excel or CSV.  Please note that, due to the number of licensed HMOs in Wandsworth and the amount of information included within the PDF format, we are unable to provide a copy of the register where the full details of each property are shown on individual rows.

The Information Commissioner's Office has advised councils that a disclosure of the names and addresses of each licence holder is lawful and not a breach of the first data protection principle, as the duty of the Council under the Housing Act 2004 is to provide a copy of the register.

However, the ICO has also advised that the form in which the register is provided may be considered unfair and breach the DPA. The requirement under the Housing Act is to provide a copy of the register on request; there is no obligation to make it available electronically in Excel or CSV format as this might be unfair and excessive given the potential for ease of access by a large number of people.

If you decide that you require a copy of the HMO register, please make a payment for a HMO licence, and follow these instructions:

  • Click on Make payment
  • In the box where it says "Please enter the address this relates to" just type "HMO Register" and enter your name and address
  • Then click continue and enter your card details
  • Finally take a screenshot of the confirmation of payment page and send it to

Viewing the register

Alternatively, you can make an appointment between 9am and 5pm on a weekday to come and view the register. There is no charge for this, but you would not be able to copy it.

To make an appointment, please email