Current or former Wandsworth Council tenants and housing applicants

You should create an account if you are a current or former Wandsworth Council tenant or have a current/ former transfer housing application.

You are a Wandsworth Council tenant/household member if:

  • Your tenancy is with Wandsworth Council and you are named as a tenant
  • You are a household member of an existing Wandsworth Council tenant i.e. your parents are Wandsworth Council tenants

You are not a Wandsworth Council tenant if:

  • You live in the borough but have another landlord, i.e. housing association, private landlord or leaseholder

Before creating an account, please ensure you have one of the references listed below so that you can be verified:

  • Rent account payment reference - beginning 250, 260, 670, 588, 670 or Z
    • This is on your tenancy agreement or recent rent statement. This reference can only be used by the tenant(s)
  • Tenancy reference - This can be found on your tenancy agreement and can only be used by the tenant(s)
  • Housing application reference - This can be found on correspondence from housing services. If you are unsure, please contact 020 8871 6161 or email -
  • Person Reference Number - If you are a household member of a Wandsworth Council tenant

Create an account

If you are unable to find any of the above references, complete the online form to obtain the relevant reference number. Once you have the reference number you can create your account.

Technical problems

If you have a problem registering or logging into your Wandsworth Housing Online account, complete the online form and provide details of the problem you are experiencing or any error messages you receive. Do not use this form to request general repairs or any other issues as you may not receive a reply.

Updates on your application

If you require information or updates about your housing application you should email or contact the team directly on 020 8871 6161.