Apply for a Green Plaque

Members of the public are invited to nominate people, places and events which have made a difference to the borough of Wandsworth and shaped its history. Proposals are particularly welcome that have been historically overlooked, including those of LGBTQ history, Black history, Asian history, women’s history, and working-class history.

Green Plaque criteria

In order for a proposal to be considered, it must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The person or site marked must relate strongly to the borough of Wandsworth
  • If an individual is being commemorated, their work and/or life must have had a positive influence on Wandsworth and/or the UK
  • If an individual is being commemorated, at least five years must have passed since their death at the time of application
  • There must be an existing building or structure on which to affix a plaque, the plaque must be visible from a public highway and the owner of the building must give permission for the plaque to be affixed to their property

Up to one plaque per year will be funded by GLL, who run the borough’s library service under contract for the Council, though alternative funding can be sought for additional plaques by applicants and/or local societies within a given year.

To be selected, the following themes are taken into account:

  • Residences of past notable residents
  • Sites of particular local historical importance

The selection is implemented by Council officers on the advice and guidance of the Selection Panel and Heritage Wandsworth which is the strategic partnership of local organisations with an interest in the history, natural heritage and built environment of Wandsworth.

Before you send your proposal

In a year where several strong applications have been received, Heritage Wandsworth may add suggestions to a waiting list for consideration in future years. Applicants will be advised if this is the case. Heritage Wandsworth members can also nominate proposals.

Buildings with many personal associations (such as churches and schools) will not normally be considered.

Nominations to commemorate buildings that have historical significance for an event or a group of individuals will be considered.

Make a proposal for a plaque

Contact Heritage Wandsworth via to ensure the proposal has not been made previously during the last ten years. If a proposal has been turned down previously, ten years must have passed before it will be considered again by Heritage Wandsworth. Any applications which have been made before these guidelines were in place can be resubmitted again before this time period has lapsed.

If the proposal has not been previously submitted in the last ten years, fill out the Green Plaque application form and send it to with details of the person or site being commemorated, making clear the proposed location of the plaque and why this location has been suggested.

After you make a proposal

What will happen with your nomination after being submitted:

  • Heritage Wandsworth will consider nominations once a year in the month of December for installation the following year.
  • Applicants will be informed if their proposal has been accepted, placed on a waiting list, or rejected. Feedback will be given to applicants
  • If a nomination is taken to the next stage, Heritage Wandsworth will undertake fact checking exercises and work to gain consent from building owners
  • We will then review the nomination and make a decision on whether to grant permission to proceed

Heritage Wandsworth reserve the right to prioritise timely applications and proposals, but in this instance may add strong applications received in the same year onto a waiting list.  Applicants will be advised if this is the case.