Another 110 laptops on their way to local families in scheme tackling digital poverty

Published: Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A hundred more children will be able to enjoy online access this summer after more recycled laptops were donated by the council to support lower income families in the borough.

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This week the council handed over another 110 laptops to its award-winning digital partner Power to Connect which has been providing laptops, tablets and wi-fi dongles to families since the start of the pandemic.

The council teamed up with Power to Connect early April 2020 to support local families struggling to home school and stay digitally connected during lockdown because they didn’t have access to a computer or broadband at home.

Since then the partnership has distributed just under 2,000 refurbished laptops and tablets to 80 local schools and 16 community organisations. This includes more than 500 donated by the town hall.

Cabinet member for Children Cllr Kate Stock said: “Ensuring families have access to online services, especially educational tools for their children, is of paramount importance in this digital age.

“I am delighted that we have been able to donate another 110 laptops to Power to Connect and that these will soon be in the hands of children and young people across the borough who can use them in their studies as they start the new school year.”