Domestic abuse – don’t suffer in silence 

Published: Friday, July 29, 2022

Support workers gave out advice in Southside Shopping Centre last week on the help available for people experiencing domestic abuse.  

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Council community safety officers, plus support workers from domestic abuse charity Hestia, ran a stall in the Wandsworth shopping centre raising awareness of how to recognise domestic abuse and where people can get help.  

They also showed a film explaining the different forms domestic abuse can take, including intimidation, psychological abuse and control. 

Wandsworth runs two one-stop shops giving legal advice, information and support. The service is free and you can just turn up – no appointment is necessary. They are at the following locations:   

  • St Mark’s Battersea Rise, every Monday between 10am and noon  
  • Picasso Building, Minstead Gardens, Roehampton, every Wednesday between 10am and 12.30pm  

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The council’s community safety spokesperson Cllr Graeme Henderson said: “Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit our stall in Southside – if it encouraged just one person to get help, it was worth it. It is a priority to double the amount of domestic abuse support, and we are committed to improving provision across Wandsworth.

"If you or someone you know has experienced domestic abuse, please be aware that you can get free and confidential help.”  

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Read the council’s three-year Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy