Plans agreed to improve road safety in Putney neighbourhood

Published: Friday, July 1, 2022

Councillors have backed plans to introduce a weekday early-morning ban on motorists in Putney turning left from the Upper Richmond Road into Charlwood Road.

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The change, which is subject to approval from Transport for London, would apply between 7am and 10am Monday to Friday and prevent motorists using Charlwood Road and Chelverton Road as short cuts between the South Circular and Putney High Street.

The proposals have been drawn up following analysis of traffic movements and accident statistics at these locations which found that 13 minor collisions and one fatal collision had occurred on this travel corridor in the past three years.

Because the changes affect a part of Transport for London’s strategic network of red routes, final approval for the changes needs to be sought from TfL.

A report to councillors outlining the issue states: “As recorded, there has been a number of accidents in the last three years at the junctions of Upper Richmond Road with Charlwood Road, and at Chelverton Road with Putney High Street. It is therefore proposed to introduce a banned left turn (except cyclists) during the hours of 7am to 10am Monday to Friday from the A205 Upper Richmond Road onto Charlwood Road, to improve road safety, reduce volume of through traffic and congestion at peak hour, and to improve road safety.”

The report also confirms the proposal complies with the aims of the Wandsworth Environment and Sustainability Strategy (WESS), by seeking to “encourage sustainable transport by reducing the dominance of motor vehicles and perceived safety concerns associated with high traffic speeds and volumes. Pollution from motor vehicles should also be reduced in the immediate vicinity with less congestion and queuing on Chelverton Road”.

The WESS details the town hall’s ambition of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030 and outlines a road map on how this target will be reached as well as an action plan detailing specific actions to reduce carbon emissions in the borough.

To find out more about plans to tackle climate change please visit the council's website.