Decade of renewal plan for Wandsworth roads and pavements

Published: Friday, February 9, 2024

A 10-year programme of improvements will tackle the deteriorating condition of Wandsworth’s roads and pavements, under new proposals from the council’s transport cabinet member.

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Councillor Jenny Yates assesses pavements with Wandsworth's streets team

Councillor Jenny Yates said: “Wandsworth is a fantastic place to live, but after years of under-investment its roads and pavements are showing too many signs of wear and tear. 

“I’ve been out with the council’s streets team to see for myself the roads and pavements most in need of urgent attention. I would like to expand our improvement works to include even more roads and pavements as we start a decade of renewal.

“We know that people expect to be able to walk, cycle and drive safely around their neighbourhoods. As a result, we will double the funding put into fixing our roads and pavements over the next decade. This additional investment is paid for by property developers, so we can improve the borough without adding a penny to your Council Tax. Our work is ambitious and we are proud to deliver this change for our residents.”


Uneven road surface with bike and car
Targeted: Council to tackle deteriorating roads including Garrett Lane


Our decade of renewal will deliver 1,000 new council homes for local families, a carbon neutral council by 2030 and improved roads and pavements across Wandsworth. 

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