Rollout of bike hangars continues with another 110 on the way

Published: Friday, July 14, 2023

  • Another 110 bike hangars in the pipeline.
  • Each hangar can safely store six bikes.
  • Promoting cycling a key element of borough’s Future Streets Strategy.

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The council’s programme of installing bike hangars is continuing with a big increase in numbers planned.

The next phase of the rollout will see another 110 hangars being placed in residential streets. There are already 118 hangars in Wandsworth.

A list of streets has now been published and residents are being asked to take part in a consultation to confirm their support for these locations.

Each hangar provides safe and secure storage for up to six bikes – and are primarily aimed at residents who want to travel on two wheels but lack the storage space in their homes to keep a bicycle.

Jenny Yates, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “Supporting cycling as a means of transport and improving key infrastructure for both cyclists and pedestrians are key priorities for the council as part of our Future Streets Strategy.

“Most journeys in the city are relatively short and could easily and quickly be completed by bike or on foot. Not only is walking and cycling much better for people’s health and well-being it also helps improve the air we all breathe. That’s why we are working hard to make it easier for people to choose these forms of travel.

“Hangars offer residents a safe and secure way to store their bikes when not in use. This is especially important for residents living in flats who don’t have the room to store their bikes indoors and for households that own a number of bicycles.

“Increasing the supply of secure residential cycle parking will play a pivotal role in achieving our target for 78 per cent of trips by residents to be by walking, cycling and public transport by 2030.”

See here for a list of the residential streets where bike hangars are now proposed.

The borough’s housing estates are also being earmarked for additional hangars with many more planned. In the most recent programme 37 new estate hangars were delivered with a special focus on Roehampton which is poorly served by public transport and where secure cycle parking spaces are scarce. Of these 37 hangars, 30 have been sited in the Roehampton area.

Residents can request a bike hangar for their street via the council’s website.

The current consultation can be accessed here. It runs until August 15.

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