Documents required for a business parking permit application

With your permit application you must include proof of the following: 

If you apply online documentation should be uploaded with your application.

Photocopies are acceptable for in person or postal applications.  

Proof of business address

Businesses responsible for the payment of business rates must provide a copy of their current business rates bill.

Businesses that are not responsible for business rates, such as self-employed sole traders may provide two of the following items:

  • Current lease agreement
  • Recent utility bill (not more than three months old)
  • A copy of a business bank statement (not more than three months old)
  • Copies of invoices received/sent to the business address
  • Inland Revenue tax returns
  • A certificate detailing the registration number and address for registered charities
  • A letter from the business rate payer (in cases where the current lease is not available) 

Proof of vehicle ownership

Documents submitted as proof of vehicle ownership must show the name and address of the business or an employee and give the vehicle registration number. Where the vehicle is registered in the name of the business, it will be acceptable if the address shown on the documents is that of another office e.g. the main head office.

For each application you must produce:

  • The vehicle registration document;
  • A copy of the hiring/leasing agreement which must be valid and show the name and address of the hire/leasing company.

If you have purchased the vehicle in the last three months and the registration document is not yet available; a valid insurance certificate and schedule will be sufficient.

Proof of employment

Where the vehicle is owned, leased or hired by the employee:

  • The declaration on part 5 of the application form must be completed; and
  • The last 2 salary/wage slips or contract of employment of the employee must be provided.

If you are a Sole Trader or Self employed you should provide your current Inland Revenue business tax return.

Proof that the vehicle is necessary for the efficient running of the business

You must produce a typed, signed and dated letter on headed paper within the last month by a Company Secretary or senior representative giving the vehicle registration number and explaining why the vehicle is for the efficient operation of the business. If you are a sole trader or self employed person you can sign the letter.

If you are applying for an all-zones business permit, the letter must give the reason why.

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