Apply for an estates visitor permit

You can apply for a free parking permit for estates with a Traffic Management Order (TMO). You are able to apply for one permit per household.


To apply for a visitors permit you must own or have sole use of a roadworthy vehicle with current valid Vehicle Excise Licence (road tax) and the estate must be your usual place of residence.

You must be either a:

  • Council tenant
  • Leaseholder
  • Freeholder

Tenants of leaseholders and freeholders should contact their landlord.

Proof required

What proof document you will need to provide:

  • Proof of residence


Complete the application form and return to your area team or your Co-op/TMO, whichever is applicable.

Further guidance about how to apply, who can apply and what proof you need can be found within the application form and guidance note document.


If you have any questions about parking on housing estates, use our online form to Make a parking enquiry.