Apply for temporary resident parking permit cover

One temporary parking cover is granted free of charge per calendar year and is valid for a maximum period of two weeks.

You can apply for temporary parking cover:

  • If you have a loan car while your usual vehicle has been garaged for repairs
  • While you apply to transfer your permit to a new vehicle or address within another Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) or sub-zone

Temporary parking cover cannot be used for a second vehicle, as the eligibility criteria for a permit is one permit per person, per household. If you have a second vehicle for a short term period, you may use visitor parking permits.

Temporary parking cover is not issued on expired permits.

This period of free cover is not extendable and any unused days cannot be 'banked' for future use. A charge will apply for any further periods of temporary cover.

For information about business permits please see our business parking permit pages.

How to apply

Log in to your online parking permits account

Please note: 

  • You will not need to display anything in your vehicle
  • Your existing resident permit will become invalid once the period of temporary cover been activated  
  • If applying for a replacement permit, you should do so as soon as possible to ensure that you receive your new permit before the temporary cover expires


Resident permits
All-day CPZs £64.70 £78.90
All-day CPZs – residents aged 70 and over £30.30 £36.70
One hour CPZs  £18.90 £22.90
One hour CPZs – residents aged 70 and over  £9.00 £10.70
 Type of permit  5 days  6 days


If you have any questions about parking permits, use our online form to Make a parking enquiry.

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