How to challenge a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Make an informal representation against a PCN

You can make an informal representations against a PCN issued on-street by a Civil Enforcement Office (CEO) or for a Bus Lane contravention providing we receive it in writing within 14 days of the date the PCN was issued.

If an informal representation against a PCN is received within the 14-day discount period, the discount will be re-offered if we decide to uphold the charge. However, the full amount of the PCN is due when the 14-day discount period has expired, so the full charge will be requested in cases where the PCN is upheld and an informal representation was received outside the 14-day discount period.

The process to dispute a PCN is explained on the legal documents which are posted to the keeper of the vehicle. You should refer to these documents for information on how to make a formal representation to dispute the charge.

An informal representation cannot be made against contraventions that are enforced by CCTV, except Bus Lane PCNs.

Do not pay for the PCN if you wish to appeal, as the case will be closed on the grounds of liability being accepted, and no further correspondence will be responded to.

Equalities Act 2010 - should you have a disability and require a reasonable adjustment to complete either making a payment or a challenge against a PCN, please call 020 8871 8871.

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