Impounded vehicles

If you suspect that your vehicle has been removed, contact the TRACE service on 0300 077 0100, who will be able to confirm if your vehicle has been removed, and where it has been taken.

If your car has been impounded you can collect it from the Wandsworth/NSL South London Car Pound.

Wandsworth/NSL South London Car Pound
Hallowfield Way
Telephone: 020 8646 2899

  • Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)
  • Nearest public transport: Belgrave Walk Tramlink Station
  • Bus numbers: 270, 355, 200 and 201

Removal fee

  • £200 removal fee
  • Cost of Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issued on the day of the removal of the vehicle

The cost of the PCN will vary depending on the contravention that occurred. It will range from a minimum of £30 to a maximum of £65. The minimum charge will only be applicable if the vehicle is released within 14 days of the removal.

If the vehicle is not claimed from the car pound on the day it arrived, a storage charge of £40 a day is also payable. This is charged from midnight on the first day following a removal and on each subsequent day.

Proof of ownership

To get your vehicle released from the car pound, you will need to supply one form of documentary proof to show that you are the owner, hirer or keeper of vehicle, and one form of documentary proof of your address. To eliminate fraudulent claims on vehicles and to secure release of your vehicle; the address for both the proof of ownership and proof of address must be the same address on both documents.

Proof of vehicle ownership:

  • Vehicle registration document, or
  • Vehicle insurance schedule

Proof of address:

  • Landline phone bill, or
  • Council Tax bill, or
  • Utility bill, or
  • Bank statement

Bills/statements must be no more than three months old.

Hire vehicles

You should provide the hire agreement and one proof of your address as detailed above.

Company vehicles

You should provide a letter on headed paper, showing the company address and confirming that you have the company's permission to collect the vehicle. No proof of your address is required.

Contesting the removal of your vehicle

You can request a representations form at the car pound if you wish to contest the removal of your vehicle.

Unclaimed vehicles

If a vehicle is not claimed we may dispose of it. We will also take action to recover an unpaid PCN, removal fee and storage charges.

Impounded vehicle policy

We aim to be firm, fair and transparent in our enforcement of parking contraventions and this includes the removal of a vehicle to a car pound.

We will take the necessary action against what are considered as the worst contraveners who dangerously park their vehicles and those that are persistent evaders. A persistent evader is deemed to be those who have either not paid or have not challenged three or more PCNs.

If your vehicle has been removed due to its persistent evader status, the car pound must gain the authority to release your vehicle from us.