Pre-application advice

You can get accurate and objective advice on your proposed development before you apply. This advice won't be considered or affect the outcome of any submitted application.

There are two types of advice service.

Free advice from duty planner

This is a free advice service for householders. This is for general advice rather than the acceptability of a proposal. If detailed advice is needed, you should use the pre-application advice service.

To submit an enquiry, email with as much detail as possible.

We aim to respond to you via email within 20 working days.

Chargeable pre-application advice

Advice will include information about relevant planning policies, as well as timescales and procedures for considering applications.


View fees for pre-application advice.

Request advice

Complete the form to request pre-application advice. Give as much detail as possible so we can offer useful advice for your project and ensure you pay the correct fee.

If you have any problems with your application or, you would like to contact us, email