Report a breach of planning condition

Use this form to help you establish if a breach of planning condition has taken place and to report it.

You will need

You will need the following information to report a breach of planning condition:

  • The planning application number. You can search for this in our Planning Explorer
  • The planning condition(s) and requirements of the condition(s) that is/are being breached
  • The date when the condition was breached. (We cannot take action against breaches of condition which have taken place for more than 10 years (or in the case of a condition relating to a new residential use for more than 4 years)
  • An explanation of how the breach of condition affects you
  • Photographic evidence (if available) of the alleged breach
  • The name of the person responsible for the alleged breach (if known)
  • The address of the property in alleged breach. You will need the full address and post code; you can find this in the Planning Explorer

Start report

What happens next

A planning officer will review the details of your report and make contact with you.