Report unauthorised building works (including works to a listed building)

Use this form to establish whether unauthorised building works have taken place, including works to a listed building, and to report it.

You will need

You will be asked for the following information to report unauthorised building works:

  • Whether the building is listed. You can check this by searching our listed buildings database
  • If you think the development is 'permitted development'. You can find a guide to the types of residential development that can be carried out without Council planning permission in the Planning Portal's Do you need permission? guide
  • If you believe planning permission/listed building consent has been granted for the development. You can check this in our Planning Explorer
  • The date when the unauthorised development was completed. (Except for listed buildings - we cannot take action against building works completed over four years ago)
  • A description of the alleged breach and how it affects you
  • Photographic evidence (if available) of the alleged breach
  • The name of the person responsible for the alleged breach (if known)
  • The address of the property in alleged breach. You will need the full address and post code; you can find this in the Planning Explorer

Start report

What happens next

A planning officer will review the details of your report and make contact with you.