Report unauthorised change of use to land or a building

Use this form to help you establish if an unauthorised change of use to land or a building has taken place and to report it.

You will need

You will need the following information to report unauthorised change of use to land or a building:

  • To check if the development is 'permitted development'. Some changes of use can take place without planning permission. This is known as ‘permitted development’. You can find guidance on which changes of use are permitted in the Planning Portal's Change of use guide
  • To check if planning permission for the development in question has already been granted. You can check this using our Planning Explorer
  • To describe the use of land or property before the change of use took place
  • To describe the alleged unauthorised use ('the new use') of the land or property in as much details as possible. This may include, where relevant, hours of operation, numbers of customers/occupants and any plant, machinery, cooking equipment or vehicle use
  • The date when the new use first started
  • How the unauthorised change of use affects you
  • Photographic evidence (if available) of the alleged breach
  • The name of the person responsible for the alleged breach (if known)
  • The address of the property in alleged breach. You will need the full address and post code - you can find this in the Planning Explorer

Start report

What happens next

A planning officer will review the details of your report and make contact with you.