Street parties

Car Free Day

Street Parties to celebrate Car Free Day on 24 or 25 September will be free of charge.

Street parties are a great way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit.

There is currently a charge of £60 for all street parties. This fee covers the publishing of public notices and other administrative costs we incur.

To ensure the party doesn't cause a nuisance to the local community, you will need to deal with street party noise and clean up any rubbish after the party.

How to apply

To host a street party you will need to complete our online application form. This form should only take a few minutes to complete. 

You should complete the application form at least six weeks before the date of your planned party.

Once you have submitted your form, we will process your application and get back to you once a decision has been made.

You can check on the progress of your application by emailing

Preparation for a street party

Once your application has been approved by us you will need to arrange signage and closure of the street.

You are required to inform the emergency services to tell them of the street party.

How to close a street

The street must be closed to vehicles at each end of the designated party area. You can close the street by putting up signs and barriers that are easy to notice.

These barriers must be staffed throughout the duration of the closure. The barriers should be staffed by a responsible person capable of moving the barrier quickly in the event of an emergency vehicle requiring access.

It is important to note:

  • A street party will not be permitted on a bus route
  • There must be unrestricted access for pedestrians
  • The street must be accessible to emergency service vehicles at all times
  • A 4 metre (approx 13') wide gap should be kept clear for emergency vehicles

How long to close the street for

We will consider the closure of the street for the hours requested in your application, and will agree if they are not excessive. Taking noise into account a street party finish time of 8pm is reasonable.

For further information on closing a street contact

Signs and barriers

At each barrier you must securely place a 'Road Closed' sign, and if required, a 'Diversion' sign with an appropriate arrow direction.

In some cases, you must also provide diversion signs along the diversion route. Signs reading 'Diverted Traffic' with an arrow pointing in the appropriate direction must be clearly displayed and securely fixed along the alternative route. These must be regulation signs (not drawn or printed).

You can hire regulation signs, cones and barriers for your party from our depot. If you are hiring signs from our depot you are advised to book early.

These must be collected and returned to our depot at Frogmore:

Frogmore Stores
Frogmore Complex
Dormay Street
London SW18 1EY

Opening hours are from 7.30am to 4.30pm.

Alternatively, regulation signs can be hired or purchased from tool and equipment specialists such as HSS Hire and Speedy Hire.

Cost of signs and barriers

  • An approximate price for two 'Road Closed' signs plus two barriers is £30
  • Additional signs will cost an extra £5 per sign

Frequently asked questions

Read our frequently asked questions about organising and hosting a street party.