School Streets exemptions

We want to encourage everyone to avoid driving in School Streets during the restricted hours. However, the following drivers can apply for exemption to these restrictions for their vehicles:

  • Residents and businesses within the School Street (up to 2 vehicles per address)
  • Blue badge holders visiting a property in the School Street
  • WAND card holders attending school in the School Street
  • Care workers serving a property within the School Street
  • Taxis (private hire) serving a property within the School Street

Emergency vehicles, Council waste trucks, school buses and school transport and taxis (Hackney carriages only) serving properties in the School Street will be exempt.

Please note, the following vehicle drivers cannot apply for exemption (unless eligible under one of the criteria above) and will be liable to a penalty charge notice if they enter the School Street during the operational times:

  • Residents living outside the School Street
  • Parents/carers dropping off/collecting children at the school
  • Friends and relatives of residents in the School Street
  • Tradespeople
  • Delivery vehicles

Exemptions may be withdrawn if we obtain or receive evidence that an exemption is being misused, for example if a motorist with an exemption drives or parks in breach of other laws or regulations within the School Street. In such cases, drivers will be notified by email of the withdrawal of their exemption.

How and when to apply for an exemption

If you meet one of the criteria for exemption, you can apply by completing this form. If possible, please complete the form three days in advance of the time that you need to drive into the School Street during the restricted times.

If there is an exceptional reason why you should be exempt which has not been included in the criteria, please submit the form for consideration and provide details under "Reason for application".

If you have had an unavoidable reason to enter the School Street during the restricted times without having obtained an exemption, please complete the form before the end of that day. If it is no longer the same day, please email

This form applies only to those School Streets enforced by camera.

Apply for an exemption