Beatrix Potter Primary School Street feedback

Our responses to consultation feedback received about the Beatrix Potter Primary School Street.

It pushes traffic onto other/nearby roads

We have carried out traffic counts on Openview and on neighbouring roads and we will monitor the impact after the introduction of an experimental school street.

We note the particular concerns about Swaby Road and the combined impact with the existing Earlsfield School Street. Traffic counts before and after introduction of the School Street on Tranmere Road indicate that the increase of traffic on Swaby Road was most notable in the 30 minutes from 8.45 to 9.15 am and in the 30 minutes from 2.45 to 3.15pm with typically 26 and 25 additional vehicles recorded.

We will install advanced warning signs on Burntwood Lane to alert drivers of the restrictions to reduce the likelihood of vehicles diverting via Tranmere Rd, Leckford Rd or other side roads on the approach to the School Streets. We will update satnav sites so that the restrictions on Openview are made known to drivers (and which should prevent it from being suggested as a potential route to Magdalen Rd/Garratt Lane).

Already difficult to cross Swaby Road

We will include this location (near Swaby Gardens) in our review of pedestrian crossing requests.

Garratt Lane is already congested

Noted, but this is the road that is designed to carry through traffic - it should not be rat-running through residential streets whether or not there is a School Street.

Bad parking (by parents) is the problem

We will continue to work with schools encourage families not to drive to school whenever possible and to park responsibly when they need to do so.  We have engaged Sustrans to deliver a programme of behaviour change activities. We note that there is available parking alongside the playing fields on Openview which does not tend to be heavily parked. If parents need to drive to school and approach from Openview, there is room to park safely and walk into school.

Magdalen Road is already busy

Noted, and we will continue to monitor. A reduction in through traffic joining Magdalen Rd from the side roads may have a positive impact.

Traffic speed on Magdalen Road

Noted. The speed limit is 20mph. We will continue to monitor and to liaise with the police on speed limit enforcement.

Dropping off/turning leads to dangerous manoeuvres

We will review the parking bay opposite Leckford Rd which people have highlighted as a concern.

Residents of Openview (beyond the school street) will not be able to reach Garratt Lane via Magdalen Road

We note that this will be inconvenient for some residents but emphasise that the restrictions would be in place only for a limited time and only on school days.  Vehicles that are already parked within the School Street are entitled to leave the School Street at any time.

Timings should be shorter

We have agreed with the school to reduce the time of the morning restriction to 8.30 to 9.15am. The afternoon times are required for the effectiveness of the scheme but we will keep under review.

Layout should include a wider area

We appreciate why people have asked for a range of wider areas.  We will retain the current layout but will review traffic counts on neighbouring roads and consider any changes that may be required.