Riversdale Primary School Street

A School Street has been introduced in June 2023 on Pirbright Road by the junction with Replingham Road.

How it works

The Riversdale School Street includes a widening of the pavement outside the school gate on Pirbright Road. This was achieved by having a single vehicle entry and exit at the junction of Replingham Road and Pirbright Street, replacing the previous arrangement where vehicles entered Pirbright Street to one side of a traffic island an exit on the other side of the island. Vehicular traffic movements in Pirbright Road have been maintained in both directions.

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There is a statutory sixth month period following implementation in which anyone may comment in writing and this feedback will help us determine whether or not the scheme should be kept, amended or withdrawn.

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Further information

The School Street serving Riversdale Primary School was introduced using an experimental traffic order following consultation and engagement in February 2023.

See an overview of the School Streets scheme.

If you have any further queries, please contact schoolstreets@wandsworth.gov.uk.