About School Streets scheme

A School Street is where one or more roads surrounding a school temporarily close during school opening and closing times to become a pedestrian and cycle only zone. Residents within the School Street retain access and it is anticipated the roads will see a reduction in motor traffic.

Signs will inform drivers of the restrictions before the entrance to the School Street. Some closures will have advance warning signs installed.

Why do we want to create School Streets?

We have been working with schools in the borough to promote active travel for a number of years, however many schools and parents are still concerned by road safety and air pollution around schools. It’s anticipated School Streets will reduce the level of congestion around schools, benefiting children travelling to school as well as local residents.

By temporarily closing roads outside the school, we hope to create a safer, more pleasant environment in the area. The schemes are being proposed under an experimental traffic order to be able to monitor any impacts before considering making the schemes permanent.

School Street pilots and consultations

The following School Streets are to be in place from Monday 8 June 2020.

  1. Earlsfield Primary School
  2. Furzedown Primary School
  3. Hillbrook Primary School
  4. Penwortham Primary School

The schemes were approved to be trialled at committee (paper no.19-158). The impacts of these will be reported before being made permanent.

The project launch on Monday 8 June consisted of signage at each end of the streets informing all street users of the implemented School Street. Some streets may be operated by temporary barriers.

The results for each school consultation can be found in the links above.

Emergency School Streets

The following School Street consultations are commencing soon. Please see the linked drawings for further information on each proposal.

Schools Streets will be added to this list as they are agreed.



Date of 


Albemarle Primary School


Our Lady of Victories Primary and Hotham Primary Schools


Allfarthing Primary School


Broadwater Primary School


Sellincourt Primary School


Shaftesbury Park Primary School


Falconbrook Primary School


Granard Primary School


Honeywell Junior School


Sacred Heart Primary School


St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School 


Belleville Wix Academy


Roehampton CofE Primary School


Westbridge Primary School



Please visit the consultation page to make comments on the proposals. These pages will go live on the implementation dates for each school above and residents in the local area will receive notification leading up to the consultation dates.

If you want to hear more about the initiative for your school, please email us putting Wandsworth School Street in the title of your message.

We are also running drop in call back sessions on Thursdays 12 to 2PM from 1 October to 15 October. Please email to arrange a date and time for a call back.”

Existing School Streets

  1. Graveney School (Welham Road)

A School Street operates from 8.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Displaced traffic

There may be some displaced traffic, so each scheme is being trialled over a minimum of 12 months to fully understand its impact. This also allows the opportunity for people to adapt and change their travel behaviour.

For more information, contact transportation@wandsworth.gov.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

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