Apply for an exemption for the West Hill traffic management scheme

We want to discourage through traffic on residential roads in the West Hill ward and beyond. However, some drivers can apply for exemption to these restrictions for their vehicles.

You can apply:

  • Online
  • Over the phone for an assisted application on 020 8871 8871
  • In person through the Customer Centre - make an appointment by calling 020 8871 8871

Before you start

Before you apply, you must check you are eligible for an exemption.

The following drivers can apply for an exemption:

  • Local residents within the West Hill Ward
  • School teachers operating within the schools within the West Hill Ward
  • Children with special needs attending local school within the West Hill Ward (WAND card holders)
  • Staff for rateable businesses within the West Hill Ward

The following groups drivers cannot apply for exemption, unless eligible under one of the criteria above:

  • Residents’ courtesy cars
  • Residents’ visitors
  • Non-rateable businesses
  • Traders
  • Parents dropping children to school
  • Taxis (Private hire vehicles)
  • Delivery vehicles

Who does not need to apply

Residents living in the West Hill ward who currently have a Q1, Q2, S1 and S4 zone parking permit, or a housing estate parking permit within the West Hill ward do not need to apply. Your vehicle registration number will be directly added to the new database. Not all streets within zone S1 are within the West Hill ward. Those streets that fall outside of the ward are not eligible for the exemption.

Emergency vehicles, Council waste trucks, school buses, school transport and hackney carriages taxis (black cabs) will be exempt.

You will need

You must supply proof of residence and vehicle for an exemption permit. You must include proof of:

  • Residence/employment with a rateable business/WAND card
  • Vehicle ownership

If you apply online, documentation should be uploaded with your application. You can upload scanned images, or photos of your documents taken by your phone or camera.

If you are applying in person, original documentation must be provided.

For rateable businesses and WAND cardholders, you will need to select a West Hill address, for example the place of work or school.

Proof of residence

One of the following documents will be acceptable. The document must show your name and West Hill address. If providing one of the bills listed below, it must be addressed to and refer to the West Hill address:

  • Driving licence - The DVLA abolished paper counterparts for photo card driving licences in June 2015. Original paper driving licences that have not yet transferred to a photo card licence are still valid
  • Current Council Tax bill
  • Valid 12 months home contents insurance schedule
  • State pension or benefit letter - The following letters, dated within the current financial year, will be accepted: state pension, child benefit, housing or council tax benefit, income support and unemployment benefit
  • Landline telephone bill - Must show the landline telephone number and be dated within the last three months
  • Gas or electricity bill - Must be dated within the last three months. We do not accept water bills or letters from utility companies.
  • Current television licence
  • Current Council/Housing Association tenancy agreement and a rent statement showing recent payments
  • Current 6 or 12 month estate agent's tenancy agreement - The agreement must be signed and dated by all parties, show the name of the estate agent and be valid for at least a month at the time of application. Private tenancy agreements will not be accepted
  • Bank/credit card statement - Dated within the last three months. Dated transactions must be shown to prove an active account. Account number, purchase details and monetary values can be obscured from view.

Proof for employment with a rateable business  

  • Company letter -You must submit a typed letter on company headed paper, signed by your employer and dated within the last three months. The letter must include: your name and address, and the vehicle's make and registration number.
  • Proof relating to the vehicle matching the details stated on the company letter

Proof for WAND Card holders

  • A copy of the WAND card and select a school of attendance within the West Hill Ward
  • Proof relating to the vehicle use to transport WAND cardholder to school

Proof relating to the resident's vehicle

One of the following documents will be acceptable:

  • Vehicle registration document - This will only apply if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and will only be accepted if the vehicle is registered to the West Hill address. Hand amended documents will not be accepted
  • Current car insurance document (certificate and schedule) - These must show your name, the vehicle's registration number and must confirm that the vehicle is insured to be kept at your West Hill address. You should provide all pages of the document as the required information may not be shown on one page. If you are providing a temporary insurance cover notes/certificate, it must show the details requested above. Note that you may required to provide your full insurance document at a later date
  • Hire/leasing company agreement - If you hire or lease a vehicle, you must submit a copy of the current agreement. (If you drive a company vehicle, see option 'company letter' below). The agreement must show your name, West Hill address, the vehicle's registration number and give the name and address of the hire/leasing company
  • Company letter - If you drive a company vehicle, you must submit a typed letter on company headed paper, signed by your employer and dated within the last three months. The letter must include: your name and address, your job title and the vehicle's make and registration number. It should also confirm that you are the sole user of the vehicle and state whether the company own or lease the car. If the company owns the car, a copy of the vehicle registration document must be provided. If the car is leased, a copy of the leasing agreement is required

If your company uses a fleet management specialist, a letter from them will be accepted, however, it must include the information detailed above, confirm the length of the lease and the name of the company you work for.

If you are a sole trader and the vehicle is registered or leased to your business address, you will need to submit a letter of verification from your accountant and your vehicle registration document or leasing agreement.

What happens next

You will receive confirmation of the outcome of your application and successful applicants will immediately by exempt from the restrictions

The exemption (virtual permit) will either last two years if you apply online or as per the status of your existing controlled parking zone or housing estate parking permit. 

Exemptions may be withdrawn if we obtain or receive evidence that an exemption is being misused.

Update your exemption

You will need to update your exemption if you change your vehicle.

To do this you can log in to your account.

Apply for an exemption