Waste charges for non-domestic premises

We can collect non-domestic waste from a range of premises.

Container costs

If we collect your rubbish and recycling, you will need to purchase suitable containers or pay our hire charges.

Educational, hostels and public meetings premises

We charge for collecting rubbish and recycling from educational establishments, residential hostels and premises used mainly for public meetings.

We will only collect their rubbish if we also provide a mixed recycling service and we will only collect if we have been requested to do so. All collections are weekly.


The following chargeable household waste collection charges from non-domestic premises apply.

Container type Annual collection charge 
per container
 Sack/bin (per week)  £119.50
 Eurobin/paladin (per week)  £382.70

Charges valid until 31 March 2025.

Educational establishments can request support with recycling and reducing waste by contacting the Recycle Western Riverside schools programme

Charities, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons

We can collect rubbish and recycling from these premises upon request. However, we have the power to re-charge the full collection and waste disposal cost back to them. These premises will usually find that private sector operators can provide them with the most cost-effective service. 

Places of worship

We can collect most rubbish and mixed recyclables free-of-charge from places of worship if they are exempted from local non-domestic rating under the Local Government Finance Act 1988. This covers most churches, mosques and synagogues. However, we do charge for collecting waste from church halls if they form part of a separate premise or where they are used wholly or mainly for public meetings.

Collection charges will also apply to certain types of waste including bulky items and garden waste in excess of five sacks per week. To avoid collection charges, any non-chargeable waste must be kept separate from chargeable waste.