What to do with your garden waste

Customer notice

Garden waste collections have now restarted. Please put your garden waste out at the same time as your other rubbish. However, it may be collected later on in the day, or the next day in some areas.

Garden waste can be dealt with a number of ways.

Home compost your garden waste

You can make compost with your garden waste. Find out where to buy reduced price home composting containers or equipment, and what you can and cannot compost at home (Recycle Now website).

Take it to the waste recycling centre

Garden waste can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Smugglers Way 

If you will be using a car with a trailer, a van or other commercial vehicle you need advance authorisation from WRWA. The waste will be composted centrally.

Have it collected as refuse

You can leave garden waste out to be collected on your collection day. We can collect up to five bags of garden waste each week along with your other dustbin waste, but this excludes soil, rubble, Japanese Knotweed and any bulky garden waste items. If you have more than five bags of garden waste or items that are too bulky for your bin or rubbish sack, book a special collection.

Any garden waste we collect is incinerated, generating electricity for the National Grid.  The ashes produced are recycled in cement for construction projects.

If you employ a gardener

If you employ a gardener, any waste they produce is commercial waste. The gardener should cost the collection and disposal of this waste into the price they quote you unless it is to be composted on site.

For further advice and information on composting, please use the below links: