Waste and Recycling A-Z


Donate unwanted paint to:

  • Work and Play Scrapstore in Tooting (open Tuesday and Thursday). The Scrapstore accepts match or sample pots of paint. They cannot accept nearly empty or large pots of paint.

Give it away using one of many free exchange websites including:

Have it collected as refuse along with your other dustbin rubbish. This option is only available to domestic premises. All paint must be fully dry before collection. Leaving the lid off and/or adding saw dust or cat litter will quicken the drying process.

Deliver it to the Household waste and Recycling Centre in Smugglers Way Wandsworth. Check WRWA website for further information on how to recycle paint.

Arrange for a free collection from the City of London. Contact:

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Some retailers offer to take back empty paint tins for recycling.