Check when a street is cleaned

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Cleaning frequency

How often streets are cleaned:

  • All public streets on both sides are swept thoroughly at least once a week, with the busiest residential streets swept daily
  • The busiest town centre streets and main roads are scheduled to be swept between one and five times daily, between¬†6am and 8pm
  • Weekly sweeping in each street occurs on the day after split-back dustcarts collect rubbish and recycling sacks, ensuring that any spillage is cleared
  • Some busier streets, mainly in Battersea and Tooting, also receive a litter clearance service three or four days after the scheduled sweeping

Cleaning during autumn leaf fall season

During the autumn leaf fall season from mid October to mid December, scheduled cleaning may be one day later than normal.

Additional resources are provided and longer hours are worked to clear autumn leaves from streets as quickly as possible. These resources are mainly deployed in streets with the heaviest leaf fall such as those surrounding the commons and clear over 200 tonnes of leaves every year.