Graffiti prevention through education

We aim to reduce graffiti in the borough by educating young people about the effect of graffiti vandalism and highlighting its anti-social and destructive nature. Work is undertaken with schools at both primary and secondary school level.

The work we do with schools is based around discussion, role-play and interaction, which brings issues surrounding graffiti, including damage and cost, to the forefront with young people.

We take a preventative approach, working closely with schools and the police to deter young people from committing graffiti vandalism.

We take part in the Junior Citizen Scheme, provide lesson plans and commission interactive theatre shows.

Junior Citizen Scheme

Since 1987, the Junior Citizen Scheme has educated 9 to 10 year-old (year 5) children on various topics ranging from graffiti vandalism to fire safety and stranger danger and first aid.

The scheme runs twice a year, during the autumn and spring terms for two weeks per session and consists of scenarios, role play and various interactive activities. These are presented by qualified and experienced individuals from the council and agencies such as the local police, fire and ambulance services.

The scheme is popular with both children and teachers and relies on the professionalism and commitment of the council, local agencies, sponsors and volunteers to make each event a success.