Corporate Plan 2022 to 2026

Welcome to the Council's Corporate Plan (CBP) 2022 to 2026.

This new Corporate Plan presents our priorities for residents for the period from September 2022 through to March 2026, with an emphasis on things that we will deliver over the next year. It also outlines how we will take these forward and explains how we will measure our progress.

We will refresh the plan each year, which will highlight the progress we have made, our performance, as well as take account of any new or emerging priorities.


This plan prioritises the issues that residents have told us matter to them. There are three overarching objectives:

A fairer Wandsworth

To make Wandsworth fairer we will:

  • Work towards ensuring all local people have a genuinely affordable place to call home
  • Support residents who are impacted by the cost of living crisis and COVID-19

A compassionate Wandsworth

To make Wandsworth more compassionate we will:

  • Be a compassionate Council that truly listens and is ambitious for all
  • Create safer neighbourhoods where communities feel confident and protected and victims and survivors are supported.

A more sustainable Wandsworth

To make Wandsworth more sustainable we will:

  • Tackle climate change by working together with our residents, businesses and communities and will be carbon neutral as a council by 2030

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Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)

The Council's MTFS describes the financial direction of the Council and the financial pressures over a 4 year period. It models income, expenditure and resource requirements and demonstrates how the Council's financial plans and strategies contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

It covers the General Fund Revenue Account, the Housing Revenue Account and the Capital Programme, and includes grant funded projects. It also comments on the significant risks facing the Council in the forthcoming years and explains what the Council is doing to reduce those risks.

The 2022/23 MTFS was presented to the Finance Committee on 29 September 2022 and was approved by the Executive on 10 October 2022.

How are we performing compared with other councils?

Wandsworth is committed to being an Open Council, making it easy for residents to find out how we spend your money and how good we are at delivering services.

Our Open Council web pages help you do just that with links to how we are performing in comparison with other councils across services like education, libraries, recycling, and services for adults and older people. 

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