Digital and Data Strategy 2024

Our Digital and Data Strategy sets out how we will use our digital programme to help us achieve our ambitions for a fairer and more sustainable borough. It provides a framework to underpin our decision-making and services.

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We have focused our strategy around six key themes:

Digital services

Enhancing the way that residents and others interact with us through digital channels, and improving the systems and processes to enable efficient and effective service delivery.


Ensuring we have a solid technology foundation that supports robust, secure and well-connected platforms to enable effective service delivery, and opportunities for innovation.

Data and insight

The tools, processes, skills and culture required to use data in safe, ethical and impactful ways, enabling us to better understand what we do currently, and informing what we do next.

Digital workforce

Enabling and supporting a digital culture, with an equipped and empowered workforce, able to deliver change and innovation in a digitally optimised workplace.

Digital inclusion

Bridging the digital divide for residents, partners and businesses, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity and skills to participate in the digital world.

Digital place

Expanding connectivity across the borough and utilising smart technologies to support new insights and early prevention.