Location data

Local authority land

Location datasets

The table contains location information (datasets) in a excel format. Many of these datasets are also available to view on the Wandsworth Maps website. 

Dataset File type File size Description Published Updated Comment
Libraries locations csv 3kb  Library locations 28/01/11   Libraries
Waste refuse routes gml 5mb Waste collection routes 28/01/11   Street cleaning, rubbish and recycling days
Waste refuse routes xsd 6kb Stylesheet for waste collection routes 28/01/11    
Post office locations csv 7kb Post office locations 28/01/11 07/09/16  
Primary and nursery schools csv 13kb Primary & nursery schools 28/01/11 07/09/16 Wandsworth's schools
Secondary and special schools csv 8kb Locations of secondary and special schools 28/01/11 07/09/16 Wandsworth's schools
Grit bins locations csv 7kb The location of grit bins in Wandsworth 28/01/11 07/09/16 Grit bins
Polling station locations csv 9kb Location of polling stations 15/04/11     
Polling district locations json 202.47kb Location of polling districts 26/07/16    
Doctors surgeries csv 11kb Location of doctors surgeries 13/06/11 07/09/16  
Branch surgeries csv 3kb Location of branch surgeries 13/06/11 07/09/16  
Pharmacies csv  27kb  Location of pharmacies 07/09/16