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Wandsworth’s resident population is 329,700 (Office for National Statistics mid-2019 estimate).

Annual estimates and projections of the population of the borough and its wards are produced by the Office for National Statistics and the Greater London Authority.

The Census and population projections based on it provide important statistics about the population so that public services like schools, community centres, health facilities and emergency services can be planned around people's needs.

Census 2011 

The most recent Census took place on Sunday 27 March 2011. 307,000 people were resident in the borough on Census day.

Key Statistics Summary of the 2011 Census data for Wandsworth, with regional and national comparisons and comparisons with 2001 Census data has been produced. Ward level fact sheets and analysis and Borough level detailed characteristics analysis are also available.

For further information visit the Office for National Statistics for further information including national datasets for 2011.

Census data visualisations and analysis tools for London are available on the Greater London Authority Datastore.

Previous Census data

2001 Census Data

Information regarding the 2001 Census can be downloaded from the Office for National Statistics website.

1801-1991 Census Data

A complete set of printed reports is available for public access by arrangement in the Office for National Statistics Library in Newport and Census Customer Services can provide advice on obtaining figures from historic reports. The British Library, university libraries and local reference libraries also hold historic reports. Limited data from 1981 and 1991 is available online via Nomis®

Family History

View census records for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911

All Censuses after 1911 are covered by the 1920 Census Act, so the 1921 Census and all Censuses thereafter will remain closed for 100 years.

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