Licensed activities

Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment

Premises Licences, Club Premises Certificates, and Temporary Event Notices for selling alcohol, providing regulated entertainment, or selling late night refreshment (hot food and hot drink after 11pm). Personal Licences for individuals who supply or authorise the sale of alcohol.

Alcohol and entertainment licences

Animal Welfare

Licences for pet shops, zoos, animal boarding establishments, performing animals, dog breeding establishment, dangerous wild animals and riding establishments.

Animal welfare licences

Fireworks and explosives

Licences and Registrations for premises selling fireworks and car dealers/garages who deal with air bags.

Explosives licences

Food safety registration and approval

Registration of businesses to store, prepare, distribute or sell food from their premises. Food premises approval for businesses providing products containing foods of animal origin to other businesses.

Food safety registration and approval

Gambling, gaming and lotteries

Premises licences for adult gaming centres, betting shops, bingo halls, racetracks and sports grounds. Permits and notifications for gaming machines, and other low stake and prize gaming in members clubs and licensed premises. Registrations for small society lotteries.

Gambling, gaming and lotteries licences

Massage and special treatments

Licence for premises offering tattooing, piercing, massage, manicure and pedicure, UV tanning, sauna and other special treatment of a like kind.

Special treatment establishment licences

Scrap metal dealers

Licenses for dealers who operate from a fixed site and licenses for mobile collectors.

Scrap metal dealer licences

Sex establishments

Licences for sex shops, sex cinemas, and other premises offering sexual entertainment.

Sex shop and sex cinema licences


A permit to put a builder's skip/materials on a public road.

Skip permit

Sports ground licences

Licences for sports grounds that accommodate spectators.

Sports ground safety certificate

Sports stand safety certificate

Street trading: Market stalls

Licences to trade from a market stall.

Street trading licences

Trading standards licences

Weighbridge operator's licence

Tables and chairs, balconies and crane operation licences

Licences to place tables and chairs on the pavement, structures projecting over the highways, or to operate tower cranes that oversail the highway.