How we deal with business and commercial noise

Construction site noise

COVID-19: Additional Information

Please note that we are aware that there are additional people working from home during these exceptional circumstances and that they are more likely to be affected by the operation of construction sites during the hours set out below. We are however not able to prevent sites from operating during the permitted times to prevent disturbance to their neighbours.

Noise from demolition or construction operations is inevitable, but does not usually last for a long period. Our approach with this type of noise is to try to minimise the disturbance by restricting the hours of working and ensuring the quietest methods are used.

The hours that are normally permitted for operations which cause noise audible at the site boundary are:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday: 8am to 1pm

There can sometimes be exceptions to these hours when special circumstances demand that work is done at other times. For example, work on railway tracks or stations can only be done when there are no trains; if heavy plant needs to be brought on site the police sometimes insist on it being done on a Sunday to reduce interference with traffic. In these cases, we encourage contractors to notify local residents in advance.

See our Code of Practice regarding demolition and construction sites.

Entertainment noise

Many pubs, restaurants and clubs play music for their customers, and will have licence conditions to prevent problems from noise and public nuisance. We will deal with noise problems from these premises either as a noise nuisance or as a breach of licence conditions.

Check permitted times on the alcohol and entertainment licence register.

Noise from commercial premises

Noise from ventilation or refrigeration plant in commercial premises often causes a problem, particularly at night when other noise sources are much quieter. If it becomes necessary to serve a notice we have to allow time for any modifications to the plant to be made, and so there is not an instant solution.

Report business and commercial nuisance

If you wish to report business and commercial nuisance you can:

We will investigate all complaints no matter when they are received or the time of day they relate to and officers will be on duty during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

With the additional evening and weekend operating hours of:

  • Thursday 7pm to 2am
  • Friday      8pm to 3am
  • Saturday 1pm to 3am
  • Sunday    9am to 4pm and 7pm to 2am

Reports made outside of these hours will be logged and responded to when officers are available to do so.

Please do not report a nuisance using this telephone number or online form if you live on a council housing estate, as there is separate guidance for this.

COVID-19: Service update

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have assessed the service we provide responding to noise complaints to ensure that we do not put you or our officers at risk. We will therefore be using a pragmatic approach responding to complaints. We will not be visiting complainants and individuals alleged to be causing noise problems in all cases, unless an assessment has been made that it is safe for us to do so. We will still continue to operate our service and respond to complaints using alternative measures such as carrying out noise assessments outside properties in some cases. It is hoped that you will appreciate why we have come to this decision.