How we deal with domestic noise

Loud music

Music is probably the most common form of noise nuisance by being played too loud, too long and too late. It is mostly (but not always) a problem in the evening and if we receive a call about loud music we will try to visit and witness the noise as soon as possible.

We will often telephone complainants first to find out if the noise is continuous or intermittent so we can arrange to visit at a time when we are most likely to hear the noise.

The action we take will depend on the nature of the problem and could range from writing a warning letter to serving a legal notice. However, we are not expected to intervene at the time that the noise is witnessed, unless we are sure there is no risk to our safety or if we have the assistance of the police.

Other domestic noise

A wide variety of noise sources fall into this category, from DIY to barking dogs, TV to washing machines. We handle these complaints the same as with loud music.

Inadequate sound insulation

Where older houses have been converted into flats the lack of proper sound insulation between flats often gives rise to intrusive noise. Unfortunately, because of recent legal decisions, we cannot treat such noise as a nuisance and therefore we are unable to take action, unless we can demonstrate some unreasonable use.

Report domestic nuisance

If you wish to report domestic noise you can:

Please do not report a nuisance using this telephone number or online form if you live on a council housing estate, as there is separate guidance for this.