How we deal with the noise caused by intruder alarms

Car and intruder alarms are particularly intrusive, and we aim to deal with them as quickly as possible. In the case of car alarms we try to find the owner, but failing that we serve a notice and arrange for a contractor to disable the alarm. For intruder alarms we also serve a notice, but before we can enter the premises to disable the alarm we must obtain a magistrates' warrant, and this adds to the time taken to deal with the problem.

Alarm key holder service

If you have an alarm installed, you can supply your keyholder details to us.

If we get a complaint about your alarm sounding, keyholders can be contacted and the alarm silenced. If we are unable to contact keyholders, Notices may be served as detailed above, and you could be charged for the expenses incurred in disabling the alarm.

The form may be used as an alternative to the form supplied by your security company.

Report alarms nuisance

If you wish to report alarms nuisance you can:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have assessed the service we provide responding to noise complaints to ensure that we do not put you or our officers at risk. We will therefore be using a pragmatic approach responding to complaints. We will not be visiting complainants and individuals alleged to be causing noise problems in all cases, unless an assessment has been made that it is safe for us to do so. We will still continue to operate our service and respond to complaints using alternative measures such as carrying out noise assessments outside properties in some cases. It is hoped that you will appreciate why we have come to this decision.

Please do not report a nuisance using this telephone number or online form if you live on a council housing estate, as there is separate guidance for this.