Apply to join the housing waiting list

We are unable to provide housing to everyone, and even those who are awarded a high priority may have to wait several years before a suitable property becomes available. Therefore if you haven't already done so please check the qualifying and priority criteria for social housing and waiting times for further information.

An assessment can only begin once you have completed the housing application form and provided eligibility documents. See the application process for required documents

Who can apply

You can apply for social housing in the borough if you are over the age of 18. 

However, under the allocations scheme, people who live outside of the borough and those who have not lived in Wandsworth for the last three years continuously will receive lower priority and are unlikely to receive an offer of accommodation. 

Who should not use this form

If you are homeless or you are at risk of becoming homeless, you should complete the housing options enquiry form to discuss your options, instead of completing this form.

How to apply

You must complete your application for social housing and shared ownership via Wandsworth Housing Online.

This is for new applications and existing applicants who have been asked to re-register their interest in staying on the Wandsworth housing register. There are separate processes telling us you are at risk of homelessness or that your circumstances have changed.

Information you will need

Before you start the form you will need the following:

  • Information about your immigration status
  • Names and dates of birth for everyone on the application
  • National Insurance numbers for everyone on the application over 16 years old
  • Details of all the places you have lived in the past 5 years:
    • Address, with postcode (find your postcode)
    • Move in date
    • Move out date
    • Type of tenure (e.g. private rented, council property)
  • Details of any homes you have owned or have any interest in
  • Information about any mortgages you have or have previously had
  • Total income and savings of everyone on your application, including:
    • Earnings from employment
    • Welfare benefits received
    • Total savings and investments held

You will not be able to complete some parts of the form without this information.

What happens next

Once completed you will receive an acknowledgement notification advising you your application will be forwarded to one of the team for assessment. See the application process for more information.

Start application

Long - This form may take a while to complete. Give yourself enough time. You can save as you go.