Pay for parking by app or by telephone call

Drivers parking in pay and display and shared use bays throughout the borough can pay using their mobile phone.

You don't have to know how long you will be staying and you only pay for the time your car is parked. The service may be used by anyone who needs to pay to park in a Controlled Parking Zone in Wandsworth.

The service is available in the off-street car parks within Battersea Park, adjacent to the Wandle Leisure Centre in Mapleton Road and adjacent to the Nuffield Health & Fitness Club in Burr Road. In the Battersea Park and Burr Road car parks, a stepped tariff operates and motorists will be charged the rate applicable to their length of stay.

You do not need to live in the borough to use this service.

Register online

Register your details with RingGo online or telephone 020 3046 0700.

This can be done in advance or when parking on-street and only takes a few minutes. When you sign up you will be asked to provide your details of your vehicle(s) and your debit or credit card details. You pay a 18p convenience fee on top of each parking charge.

Pay using the RingGo app

If you have an iPhone, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device, you can download the free RingGo App from the Apple App Store or the Android App Market.

Pay for parking with a phone call

When you arrive at a parking space:

  1. Call the RingGo number on your phone: 020 3046 0700
  2. Key in the five digit location code corresponding to the section of road or car park where you are parking. The location code will be clearly displayed on the side of each pay and display machine
  3. When you return, telephone 020 3046 0700 to end your parking transaction

The system will calculate your parking charge and add it your personal account. 

Both calls will be less than one minute in duration and for users with inclusive minutes on their phone contract, the calls are included.

Saving you money

Paying by mobile phone from your parking space means you only pay for the time you use. You can make the two very short calls from the safety of your car or use the free RingGo App. You can even get a text message reminder (a small additional charge applies) when you are approaching the maximum stay for the bay.


Civil Enforcement Officers make sure a driver has paid for his or her space by an electronic check of the vehicles registration number. You can still pay at a nearby pay and display machine if you wish.


You pay a 18p convenience charge on top of each parking fee. These charges appear on your monthly account which all registered users receive from RingGo. 

Members have secure online access to their own personal pages and can check parking transactions and invoices, set up text reminders (a small additional charge applies) and update personal details.

The pay-by-phone parking fee is the same as paying with coins or credit/debit card at a pay and display machine.

Optional reminder messages are charged at 25p per message. Currently most users will receive a message when the maximum time is approaching, however the option to receive reminders that a session is still active at more regular intervals is available. You can opt out of reminder messages by logging into your account or using the RingGo live chat.


If you have any questions about paying for parking by phone or app, use our online form to Make a parking enquiry.