Parking permits online portal

The new online parking permits portal is now live. All existing account holders have been sent an email to the email address that is registered to their permit account, confirming the account holders username and guidance on how to log in.

System update help

We are aware that a number of residents have contacted us about difficulties in accessing their accounts on the new Parking Permit System.

Due to the high volumes of enquiries there has been a delay in responding to queries. We apologise for these delays and we will be responding as soon as possible. We have implemented some updates to the system and the information below may help in answering your enquiry.

Account access

The login page for the new system requires you to activate your account. A number of people have had an issue with this page as the text entry is case sensitive. This feature has been removed so if you try again this may allow you to login.

If you did not have an active resident permit or any pre-purchased visitor permits on the previous system you will have to set up a new account.

Purchasing and activating visitor permits

All PVP balances have been transferred to the new system. These credits will be available for you to activate but unless you also have a live permit account you will not be able to purchase any further PVPs until you create a new PVP account. This process requires us to check your application and is therefore not completed immediately. If you urgently need to obtain permission for a visitor to park we recommend that you purchase a scratchcard.

If you have a resident parking permit you can purchase and activate visitor permits by clicking on the Buy / Use Vouchers tab on your on-line customer account page.

Reporting changes

If you are reporting a change of vehicle online and you must also activate a temporary cover for the new vehicle this can be done online and you must also remember to return your original paper permit so this can be updated with your new details.

Issuing permits

The permits related to new applications processed since the system went live were posted on 31 May 2018 and in future, permit will be posted to customers on the next working day following the application being approved. 


If you are still experiencing any problems with the system, please email your concerns to